Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Music, What A Difference

My husband has a routine in the morning when he gets up. He sets the table and gets his cereals ready, his cup out, and a plate for his toast. All this time I am still sleeping. He has done this for 50 years. I think I have made his breakfast maybe twice in those 50 years. 

Before he sits down to eat he has gotten a disk ready for the player and I never know what to expect when I come out to get my breakfast ready. This morning I could hear water running but couldn't see any coming out of the facet. It was a nature disk of running water. We laughed and then I went on getting my breakfast ready. As I listened to the disk I could feel my body relax and I felt so good. 

Music can make a big difference in your mood and thoughts. This morning I was thinking about all the beautiful God has made and the running water made me think of a little brook and I was sitting on a rock with my feet in the water. 

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