Monday, January 15, 2018

Just Do It!
Proverbs 15:1
The soul of a lazy man desires, and has nothing: But the soul of the diligent shall be made rich.

Have you ever said to yourself I need to get up and do something. I want to do it but I am so tired. How about I will do it later.

The Bible verse is speaking about those who are lazy. I am thinking about those, like myself, that have an illness which does not always allows one to do what they want.

Sometimes though I think mine is a mixture. I usually have everything done for me. I have since childhood. I was an only child. My husband of fifty-one years tends to what to spoil me and he thinks he is helping me by doing everything. Most of the time it is a help but sometimes I just give up and don't want to do anything. 

There are times though that I hear this still small voice, sometimes it is mine, sometimes it is the Lord's, and sometimes like this morning it was my husband saying to me: Just Do It!

How About You?
1. Are you one that is lazy?
2. Are you one that has physical problems and want to do things but sometimes don't have the strength to do something?

If you are truly lazy then the Lord wants you to change. If you are like me you just have to say to yourself, "Just Do It!" Then go and do it. You will feel a lot better and you won't feel so tired because you got at least one thing done. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

It's Been A Long Time

It has been a long time since I have written a blog post. Between being physically sick I have to say my spiritual life has suffered also, I have also a woe-is-me complex. I'm getting older, just turned 71, my health is bad, just fell and broke my shoulder in three places. How can the Lord use me? What does He want me to do?

As I was sitting on my new couch, which is in front of our new window, I could look across the street and see a huge tree and a lot of other trees surrounding it. It took me back in time when I was growing up and looked out at the same tree and thought about how nice it would be to have a boyfriend, do teenage things and what it was going to be like when I grew up. I didn't know the Lord until I was nineteen. My world was all messed up. But as I was thinking about it I realize that the Lord has always told me after I became His that He has something good for me to be doing. Even though I no longer a Sunday School teacher or involved so much in that kind of ministry. I work at a library, I am a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt and a great-aunt. So I have a lot of people I can share with my love of the Lord and be a good example to all of them. If the Lord wants me to do other things He will show me and help me along the way.

Thank you Lord for being with me even when sometimes I am so weak and turn from you. You are still with me and You will guide me in the right direction. In Jesus Name I pray this.

Monday, February 20, 2017

O What A Beautiful Morning

I had surgery on my right eye to remove my cataract and each day I can see better and better. The computer is the last hurdle. I have to put the size up to 200 to really be able to read it. I can see things far away without glasses and use reading glasses over the counter to see small print.  So I am praising the Lord for the great progress. Now I start all over again this coming Thursday, February 23th. But it is so amazing how bright colors are and everything in general, So exciting. 

I was able to go to church yesterday morning and one of the challenges that my Pastor gave was to write down this question and then prayer about it and see how God answers. The question is God, what are the things I need to grow up (become mature) in?

We are talking about digging deeper in the Word and growing in it. 

I had one area I believed God wanted me to work on but as I sat quietly and just listen there were four areas so far. Using my time better, do a true Bible study in which I read all the verses and cross-reference verses, share with others what I am learning. Be more organized so that I can accomplish the other things on the list. Finally, use my skill, talents, gifts so other may be encouraged and grow also.

For months I have not posted because I felt so depressed and felt I couldn't help others as I wasn't allowing the Lord help me. But by talking to a friend, small group family, and hearing messages I realize I was trying to work things out on my own.

I know there will be times in which I will take steps backward but my goal is to continue forward and to encourage others on travel on my journey.

How About You?
Maybe you might want to ask the question to God in what way does He want you to grow become mature and reach out to others to help them grow. 

Monday, January 23, 2017


So far all my test have come back good so that I can have my contracts out. There is one I haven't heard back on and that was the one that checks to see if there are any blockages to my eyes and brain. My one eye turns totally black when my good eye is covered and my good eye is beginning to get a few black spots in it when I get my eye exam, Checked the arteries in my neck. 

They are going to do my good eye first. So am praying that it is not blurry for a long so that I can see. I know at night will have to wear a patch so won't be able to see at all. 

The Lord knows all about it and so I am putting my trust in Him and we will see how it turns out. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Music, What A Difference

My husband has a routine in the morning when he gets up. He sets the table and gets his cereals ready, his cup out, and a plate for his toast. All this time I am still sleeping. He has done this for 50 years. I think I have made his breakfast maybe twice in those 50 years. 

Before he sits down to eat he has gotten a disk ready for the player and I never know what to expect when I come out to get my breakfast ready. This morning I could hear water running but couldn't see any coming out of the facet. It was a nature disk of running water. We laughed and then I went on getting my breakfast ready. As I listened to the disk I could feel my body relax and I felt so good. 

Music can make a big difference in your mood and thoughts. This morning I was thinking about all the beautiful God has made and the running water made me think of a little brook and I was sitting on a rock with my feet in the water. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

It Happened Again

I had an appointment with an eye surgeon on January 11th. I had never seen this doctor before and he took his time and answered all my questions and we were about to end the visit when I said that when I have my left eye tested after a few seconds it goes black. They call it a lazy eye. That is when it happened again. I see a new doctor and he finds something else wrong then what I went in for.

My doctor told me that my eye should not go black but just have blurry vision. I told him that my right eye is starting to do the same thing. So he ended up ordering a special test to see if the blood is going into the eye and up to the brain the right way.

Everyone I have worked with so far thinks it just happened. I tell them that I have never really seen much out of left eye since I can remember which is around first grade as I had to wear a patch on my good eye. So I probably had the problem since birth.

I have had two doppler tests and now waiting for the results. If everything is alright then I have my first surgery on my good eye on February 9th and the second cataract surgery on February 28th.

I am just so thankful that my Heavenly Father knows all things and if there is a problem going on with my right eye that it can be taken care of and will be able to keep my sight in that eye. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

A Strange Light

I live across the street from where I grew up. It is not uncommon for me to look out my front door window to see if everything looks ok. I did this around 2:00 a.m. this morning. 

To my surprise, I saw this very bright light in the backyard of my cousin's house. It was a huge light and it reminded me of when I was young my mother and I and some of the neighbors would sit in our yard and look for strange moving objects in the sky. We never saw any then, but I was sure that this was an unusual object. Been watching too much TV. 

It really did look like a spaceship and it was hovering in the back yard. I laughed to myself and went to bed. When I got up this morning I saw that it was a street light from the street behind the house. I don't ever remember seeing this light before but I did see it early this morning. It must have shown more because of the clear sky and the freezing cold air. 

I thanked the Lord for it just being a street light and not a space ship. It may sound weird but you never know these days what is out there in our sky. It could have been an outer space object. Earlier I watch a program that was talking about a new planet that is in the sky so thinking about space.

God just told us how he made our planet. He did make other planets we just haven't found them all yet.