Saturday, January 14, 2017

It Happened Again

I had an appointment with an eye surgeon on January 11th. I had never seen this doctor before and he took his time and answered all my questions and we were about to end the visit when I said that when I have my left eye tested after a few seconds it goes black. They call it a lazy eye. That is when it happened again. I see a new doctor and he finds something else wrong then what I went in for.

My doctor told me that my eye should not go black but just have blurry vision. I told him that my right eye is starting to do the same thing. So he ended up ordering a special test to see if the blood is going into the eye and up to the brain the right way.

Everyone I have worked with so far thinks it just happened. I tell them that I have never really seen much out of left eye since I can remember which is around first grade as I had to wear a patch on my good eye. So I probably had the problem since birth.

I have had two doppler tests and now waiting for the results. If everything is alright then I have my first surgery on my good eye on February 9th and the second cataract surgery on February 28th.

I am just so thankful that my Heavenly Father knows all things and if there is a problem going on with my right eye that it can be taken care of and will be able to keep my sight in that eye. 

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