Sunday, April 17, 2016

From Panic To Power

In March I was put in the hospital for chest pains. That is nothing unusual as I have chest pains a lot. This time however the pains and symptoms were very different.

It started out by me sitting to long at my computer. Then I began to have a headache, sick to my stomach, and sweating along with the chest pain. I went to my walk-in clinic and of course they sent me to the ER. That was no surprise. What was a surprise was they gave me the choice of going in an ambulance or letting my husband take me. I said I wanted to have my husband take me as it would be about $1,000.00 cheaper. 

We arrived at the hospital and found out that not only was I still having chest pains, but had another kind of an infection. They put me in the observation part of the hospital. I had an stress test and echo gram and failed both. This was on Friday and now I had to wait til Monday to get a heart cath. 

As it turns out I got a virus which caused me to be sick on the day of the procedure. I was given medicine and that calm down my stomach.  

When the doctor went in to check my heart there was one section that was not right and they worked on that area and then I was able to go home about three hours later. 

What was worse than the chest pain and the virus was I did not receive my medicine that I should have been getting. It was listed as needed. They didn't realize that I have been on this medicine for at least twelve years taking it two or three times a day. It is a control substance medicine so most people would only take when needed, but my use for the medicine was a maintaining my illness. So I went into a anxiety attack. I thought panic attacks were bad but anxiety attacks are different and a lot worse.

Through all this I can honestly say that as I was going through my panic attack my Heavenly Father was holding onto me and saying in His still small voice, "It is the medicine not your faith." (I didn't hear God's voice, but His Spirit and my spirit were united and I felt my Father taking care of me.) 

I  know there are many people who don't know the Lord and I know it took me nineteen years before I knew about Him and accepted Him as my Savior. The night I had the attack it was like I could not reach my Heavenly Father. My mind was so jumbled. It was very scary to me.  I don't know what I would do without my Lord. 

I am recovering fine from my chest pain. I still have some reflux problems, and have a change of medicine for that. I am not fully back to being able to function as well as I did even on the medicine for my anxiety.  Each day is getting better and the Lord is not angry with me because I am on the medicine as being mental ill is no different than having a heart problem or cancer it is just an illness of the mind and needs attention also.

I feel so sorry for those who have mental illness and not getting the help they need. My prayers go out to them. 

Take mental illness seriously and help those in need when you can. Also take salvation seriously and talk to those who don't know the Lord when the Spirit leads you. 

It is good to be back.