Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Starting A New Project

For many years I have wanted to write a book. I know, many people say this, but I took courses in writing and the other day I got a phone call from a publishing company and the nicest representative talked to me and she gave me some ideas on what to write about. We became friends on the first call.

So for the next three months I am going to be writing the first draft of the book and hope to have it done by May 25th. Pray for me that I will write things that will be helpful to the readers. I will be up dating you on my progress.

The Lord is so good because when I wrote to this publishing company I was looking for their catalog and instead the Lord put me right with the person who could help me most. So I am very thankful for that and He is directing me in what He wants me to do and that is sharing with others what I have learned.

Ask the Lord what He wants you to do and see what happens if you are not doing it already. It is very exciting to be in His Family and see how we can use our gift to encourage others.