Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Full Moon

I wasn't sure what I was going to write about today until I looked out my window that is above my computer. What I see is a pure white full moon with darkness all around looking down on me. 

What beauty and it reminds me of the handiwork of my God. 

I took a picture of it but was not able to load it unto my computer at this time. Hope to get it in my pictures so can show you. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Do You Have Teeth?

Today as I was going to work I was waiting for a red light to turn green. I looked in the next lane at a car ahead of me and in big bold white letters it said, Do You Have Teeth? I laughed an thought what funny sayings and things that we see on cars, signs and other places. This car happened to be associated with a dentist office in our local area. So it was a way of getting your attention to checking out the dentist office.

As I was thinking about laughing at the sign a verse in  *Proverbs came to mind. "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance;..." It was a great way to start the day.

*Proverbs 15:13 (a)

How About You?
Do you have a cheerful or merry heart?

Monday, August 24, 2015

What Shall We Do?

Acts 2:38-47 Summary First Church
1. Believe
2. Repent 
3. Be baptized
4. Receive the Holy Spirit
5. Follow Christ
6. Be steadfast in doctrine (Word of God) in its teaching, reproof, and right living.
7. Fellowship with other believers
8. Joint partnership
9. All things in common
10.Deeply involved in each others lives
12.Worship services everyday 
13.God received the glory 

Just imagine if we did all these things today what would our churches be like? 

Application-How to go about being like the first church
1. Have unity in your church.
2. Become mature in your faith.
3. Be Christlike.
4. Act and speak in love to your brothers and sisters in Christ, to your neighbors, and love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. 

How About You?
Read Acts 2 and see what the Holy Spirit tells you. Maybe there is something else the Spirit wants you know. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

What Is A Disciple

I was going to change the name of my blog, but as it turns out someone else had the name already so I decided to keep the name I have. 

I was looking up the word disciple to see what it means in the original Greek language and found out it means a learner. So simple. 

If you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as being the Son of God and that He left heaven and came to earth, lived for about thirty-three years, and then died on a cross for our sins, was buried, and rose again, and returned back to heaven to be with His Father, then what you need to do in order to be a disciple is read the Bible and learn from Christ about what He did, how He lived, and then follow His commands. 

Commands-that is not an easy word to hear. We often rebel at the word command or commandments. Since a believer is one of God's children the commandments are there to help us not hurt us or keep us from having fun. It is like a parent telling their child what rules that they have for their home. Same way with the Lord. Rules for conduct in our life so that we will not make our Heavenly Father ashamed of us. 

Find a Bible that you can understand and has all the facts in it such as King James Version or New English Version, I sometimes use the Amplified Bible to help me understand better what words mean and I also have the old Strong's Concordance to help me find out the true meaning of a word. There are many places on the computer in which you can go to such as Blue Letter Bible and get information. 

For this blog I like sharing what the Lord has done in my life or lives of others so that the information will help you. 

Please feel free to share your thoughts. I read the posts before I put them on. If you don't want your post to be published let me know this and I won't post it.  

Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


James 1:5-8
If you need wisdom-if you want to know what God wants you to do-ask him, and he will gladly tell you. He will not resent your asking. BUT when you ask him, be sure that you really expect him to answer, for a doubtful mind is as unsettled as a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind. People like that should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. They can't make up their minds. They waver back and forth in everything they do. 

As I was reading this verse the other day in my quiet time with the Lord I had a decision to make. So I did what the first part of this verse says to do. I asked God for wisdom and I asked believing He would give me the answer. Sometimes in the past I have been a double-minded person. But that day and from now on I am asking my Heavenly Father for wisdom and knowing that He will answer my prayer because I believe He will. 

I did get my answer and since then I had to ask several more times for His wisdom and He again has answered. 

I am learning each day to trust the Lord my Savior, God my Father, and the Holy Spirit my Guide more and more. I am growing. I have not reached the end yet but I want to finish my life in knowing that I am pleasing my Lord in all that I do. 

How about you? Do you want to please the Lord? One way in doing so is to ask Him for wisdom believing He will answer your prayer. Maybe not in the way you would want but He always answers them. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Praising The Lord For Answered Prayer

Yesterday, August 4, 2015, I had so much pain in my lower back that I had to go to our walk-in-clinic before I went to work. The doctor had me stand up and he checked my body alignment and notice right off that my left shoulder was higher than the right side. Then he said my right hip was not in the right place. Then he had me bend over and he felt where the spin was located and diagnosed that my spin was curving. There is a another name for it but don't know how to spell it. He recommended that I check with my regular doctor and have a x-ray, therapy would be a good idea, and not sit for very long at a time as sitting irritates the problem. 

I went to work after seeing the doctor and my co-workers asked how I was doing. I told them. Some of my co-workers are Christians. I know that someone prayed for me as when I woke up this morning there is not pain as I had yesterday and I feel much better.

Of course a curving spine doesn't go away unless the Lord totally healed my body, but at least for now the pain is not there in my lower back. 

I just want to praise the Lord for answered prayer. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hot Air Balloons

It is that time of year around here when we have our annual Hot Air Balloon Festival. This year there are a lot more added things to the festival. My husband and I aren't going as it is to much walking for us. But if the wind is just right the balloons will come our way and all we have to do is look up and see them. It is a very exciting time.

My husband and I for one of our anniversaries took a hot air balloon ride. It was great! To be so high up and see all the beauty looking down toward the ground. It was fun to see a baseball game, dogs barking at the sound of the balloon passing over, and all the people that stop on the road and yelling up to us. The only bad thing was the landing. The company was called Soft Landings, but it was a windy night by the time we came down and so we tipped over when the basket hit the ground. All-in-all it was great! I would do it again if it didn't cost so much. Felt so close to God as we drifted across the sky.