Monday, February 20, 2017

O What A Beautiful Morning

I had surgery on my right eye to remove my cataract and each day I can see better and better. The computer is the last hurdle. I have to put the size up to 200 to really be able to read it. I can see things far away without glasses and use reading glasses over the counter to see small print.  So I am praising the Lord for the great progress. Now I start all over again this coming Thursday, February 23th. But it is so amazing how bright colors are and everything in general, So exciting. 

I was able to go to church yesterday morning and one of the challenges that my Pastor gave was to write down this question and then prayer about it and see how God answers. The question is God, what are the things I need to grow up (become mature) in?

We are talking about digging deeper in the Word and growing in it. 

I had one area I believed God wanted me to work on but as I sat quietly and just listen there were four areas so far. Using my time better, do a true Bible study in which I read all the verses and cross-reference verses, share with others what I am learning. Be more organized so that I can accomplish the other things on the list. Finally, use my skill, talents, gifts so other may be encouraged and grow also.

For months I have not posted because I felt so depressed and felt I couldn't help others as I wasn't allowing the Lord help me. But by talking to a friend, small group family, and hearing messages I realize I was trying to work things out on my own.

I know there will be times in which I will take steps backward but my goal is to continue forward and to encourage others on travel on my journey.

How About You?
Maybe you might want to ask the question to God in what way does He want you to grow become mature and reach out to others to help them grow.