Monday, April 21, 2014

There Is More To The Easter Account

There Is More To The Event

Sometimes we stop at the time when the woman come to the tomb early the first day of the week. But there is more to come. The first thing we see is when the guards who were there go to the chief priests and elders and tell them everything that happened. The chief priests and elders were not happy about this so they bribed the guards. They told them to tell the Jews that the disciples came and took Him. And it is sad because even today the Jews believe this account. Even some of those who say Jesus in person doubted. How can that be? But it happened.  Tomorrow we will learn more of the events that followed Jesus resurrection.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


I hope that all of you had a good Easter Day. My husband and I had a very nice one.

He Is Risen!
That is what makes Jesus so special and unique. He was dead but came alive and is living again with His Father in Heaven preparing a place for us and coming back to get us!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Important News-All Amercans Microchipped by 2017

As I was going through my Facebook post I came across one that is from NBC News: All Americans Microchipped by 2017."  By DNA October 23, 2013. NBC is predicting RFID implanted in Americans in 2017 or are they the mouth piece for the beast?

This chip can track your every move, control your money, control your food and possible even kill you if you don't obey! A number of states like Virginia, have passed "stop the mark of the beast legislation" in an effort to stop this.

They do things (RFID) over time to condition the population into think this is normal. Please understand, you are just a number to the government. A RFID Chip is the governments means to control you for the rest of your life.

The article goes on to say that the NLF has done research into this issue and believe that the RFID legislation was removed from the final Obamacare bill. The fact that such language was ever considered should be disturbing. Will the RFID language be put back in?

To all people time is short and soon the rapture is going to take place and those who know Christ as their Savior will go up with Him when He comes back in the clouds. Those left behind are headed for a real rough time. It will seem like Hell on earth. Things are bad now,bjhousewordsbbj but they are going to become worst.

Beware- Don't be talked into the chip if you are a believer. It has been predicted in the Bible that something like this will take place. The chip will be the number of the beast or antichrist.

Please! If you have not accepted Christ as the Son of God and your Lord and Savior, who died for your sins on that cruel Cross over 2,000 years ago, was buried and rose again and now is back in heaven with His Father preparing a place for you and me. Praying for us. Please find someone you can talk to about this matter. It is very important that you accept Christ. He is the only way to become a child of God and the separation from God be closed. If you do not have Christ as your Savior your separated from God. It was God who sent His Son down to earth to die for us so we could be saved from the death of our sins.

This is heavy on my heart that time is so short. Come to Christ today.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Take Time To Rest

If you are anything like myself you don't take time to rest. I mean just go to a place and be quiet and just enjoy the quiet time. I always feel guilty if I am not doing something. But you know what? God rested after He created the universe. So He didn't feel guilty. In fact He tells us in Genesis to take a day of rest.

When I was growing up no businesses were open on Sunday. It was a given thing. Now people are sometimes working, if they could, seven days a week or over forty hours a week. This week alone I am working five days a week when I only usually work three. I am a person who fills in for people for some reason or another are not able to work.  It is not a hard job and I enjoy it, but it is sitting for five or six hours at a computer some days and that gets tiring. So I get up and walk around and then feel better.

So our thought for today is that we take time out to rest. Some people take a walk in a park or on a trail. Some sit outside in their backyards and just be still and listen to what is around them. Some go into a room or take a drive to their favorite place.

Find your place and rest and enjoy the moments that you can get away and just think about God, look at His creation, and rest your body.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Giving Jesus Our Boat

Continuing on with the book that I am reading by Max Lucado Cure for the Common Life: Living In Your Sweet Spot, I was reading this morning about how Jesus went into Peter's boat without even asking if He could use it. The crowd got so big on land that Jesus needed to move out into the water in order to go on preaching to all the people that were there.

Now when Jesus was done preaching He told Peter to cast out his boat and go fishing. Peter being a well-seasoned fisherman was tired. He had fished all night with the other men with him and they caught nothing. The nets were cleaned and put away for the day and already to go for fishing at night  when it was the best time. But Peter obeyed the Lord and when they got to a certain place and then  Peter was told by Jesus  to let down the nets. Well Peter had so many fish the nets were barley able to hold them. And he called to the others to come and help him.  Peter knew right then that Jesus was not just a carpenter, a teacher, a healer, but he saw Jesus for who He was, The Messiah. He fell on his knees before Jesus and asked Jesus to leave him alone for he was a sinner and couldn't handle Jesus' holiness.

One other story that was mentioned was about a man who labored eighteen years in a Chinese prison camp. This man had to work in where they kept the sewage. The stink and disease was so bad that the Guards and prisoners alike had to avoid the cesspools . This man spent weeks in this pit. The smell was so bad that he could not scrub it out. BUT the man was grateful for this part of the camp as it gave him time to be alone and he could sing out loud to the Lord and pray. He found his own garden in this prison of his. It became his private garden. And while there he quoted the words to the old hymn, In The Garden. He said that he never new the meaning of this hymn until he had been in the labor camp.

 Max wanted those who were reading to see God can make a garden out of the cesspool you call work, if you take him with you. I have a job that is great. But there are days that it gets pretty rough. Maybe where you work  is a bad place to be. Just remember that everything can change if you give Jesus your boat and let him call the moves.